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What is 2018 Benefit of Video?

The Benefit of Video Marketing

If you are not enjoying the benefit of video, then you need to get a plan into action for video marketing in 2018.  In the late 1997,  I uploaded a few QuickTime videos that to my website.   I remember talking with a Hollywood colleague about the idea that someday we could be producing marketing videos to be accessed online;  envisioning a world where television commercials might also be found online someday.  Little did I know how quickly that occurrence would happen and reshape the world of advertising with the launch of YouTube in 2005.

Elevations TV

Today most businesses use a variety of techniques to engage prospects including mail and email, SEO, print ads, banner ads, and online directories.

But nothing comes close to the power of online videos:

  • Internet users click a video’s “Play” button far more than they click on image ads
  • Video is far more engaging and easier than reading a block of text
  • Videos go viral, allowing you to captivate a larger audience with a single video placement
  • Videos are interactive, engaging and informative, more so than other online advertising methods
  • Learning is easier and more effective with training videos





One video, numerous possibilities:

While I could see the possibility that videos could be seen online through a video player on a website, the world was about to get a lot bigger:

  1. Mobile Delivery is an absolute must today.
  2. Use your video for online advertising in a variety of ways. Feature your video on a banner or pre-roll video ad on YouTube and similar sides.
  3. Reuse your videos for trade shows. Have the video loop continuously and draw people in.
  4. Send a link to your video via email. In a matter of seconds, you can have everyone on your mailing list watching your video and forwarding it to others.
  5. Feature the video in your business e-newsletter. Enhance your business communications with video.  Track the viewers.
  6. Broadcast your video on TV. Run an online and TV ad campaign simultaneously to increase results, compare response rates, and strengthen your brand.  Shoot in HD!
  7. Add it to your online directory listing. Many of today’s online directories are accepting video, allowing companies to provide insight about themselves to viewers.
  8. Display it at company meetings. Start your next quarterly or company meeting showing off!
  9. Use it as a hiring tool. Promote your business to potential candidates and highlight the benefits of working for your company.
  10. Motivate your employees and customers with your video.

Make sure your company is posed to take advantage of this benefit of video opportunity, and if you have already experimented or currently use video, talk to us about how to be more efficient, both from the cost and production value perspective.

Happy New Year!

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