Michael structured our course around our needs and exceeded our expectations. Everyone left with new information and confidence to put their new skills into practice. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for basic videography training or to brush up their more advanced skill set. His hands-on approach was effective and fun!

– Keri Burson, Director of Marketing  Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Corporate training follow-up from clients

Sometimes you just need what you need and nothing more.  That’s exactly what Michael brought to us.  We needed to know how to capture short video clips on our flip cameras and then edit them to post on the company Intranet and for other company uses.  Michael took into consideration our skills, needs and output requirements and taught us just what we needed to know.  A very cost-effective solution for our needs. 

– Jacque Williams, Jeppesen – A Boeing Company

Videography Workshop

A customized course on Production and Post Production

In a 16-hour intensive corporate training workshop participants will learn skills to develop more media-rich content in Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Training, and Marketing using Adobe® Premiere® Pro.  Content may include webcasts/video podcasts, video blog, B-roll for news releases, and video for presentations.  Along with these important skills, participants will learn how to shoot, download, edit and post small video clips from company equipment as well as digital video cameras, DSLRs and mobile devices.

Training Objectives:

  • Use best practices for videotaping and editing interviews, training and product demonstrations
  • Learn filming, non-scripted and scripted material, use of lighting and sound for professional results, editing and posting for size and delivery
  • Edit a 2-3-minute clip with field recorded audio (using mics), develop a standard lower third template, put in additional clips, add intro/outro, superimpose (text and title overlays), add music track and post in most appropriate format
  • Use a Sample Schedule

Day 1 – Video Production

Production process (pre-production, production, post production) as it relates to the industry specific requirements.   Discuss scripting, storyboarding, schedule and shot list requirements.

Overview all equipment, camera, lighting, sound.  Breakout groups will explore practical usage applications in real life scenario.

Participants work on project assignment based on a defined scenario to provide either a 1-page script, storyboard or shot list for afternoon video production.

After review of script, storyboard or shot list provided, film project using the equipment based on provided scenario. Participants may film using their own equipment.  There is no post production on day one.

Day 2 – Video Post-Production

Process previous day activities in terms of what was learned, and how to improve the process next time.

Introduce post production process through step by step break down of the requirements to finalize a video, from organization to client approval.

Work with Adobe Premiere Pro software using sample footage from instructor to make a 2-3-minute clip, develop a standard lower third template, put in clip, add intro/outro, superimpose (text and title overlays), clip for content, add audio track and post in most appropriate format.

Edit previously shot project.

As a group, review each work in progress or final video for feedback.

Class Wrap up.

Corporate Training Instructor:

Michael Conti has worked as a digital video editor for corporate, educational and government clients over the past twenty-eight years, and is excited to be able to offer tutorials and training’s in Adobe® Premiere® Pro.  Michael first started using Adobe® Premiere® in 1993 when it became available to the PC user in version 1.0.   Besides his corporate training, he has been teaching video production and editing since 2005 at Front Range Community College as an adjunct instructor.

corporate training workshops to shoot video media-rich content in webcasts, video podcasts, blog, B-roll for news releases, video for presentations, fun
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