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Streaming Video Services A Larger Audience

Streaming video services a larger audience

Live Streaming is a powerful way to participate in an interactive manner and broaden the scope of your audience.

A Michael Conti Video Productions has the expanded ability to provide affordable streaming video services anywhere you need to be as long as there is either hard-wire internet or 3G cell phone service.

Christ Path Seminar

MCVP can also record the video for future distribution like DVD or monetized future viewing.   MCVP works closely with one of the leading internet providers of streaming video to insure that your channel is properly presented to a regional or global audience.  Simple tools allow for real-time statistics on who is watching and where they are watching from. Ability to password and monetize access to the channel being presented.  Additional chat and social media tools add to the interactive dialog between live presenters and the net audience during a presentation.

Some of our current work:

 “I felt like I was right there.”  – online Christ Path viewer.

Dr. Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey

Dr. Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey

MCVP  is providing video and streaming services to Csource Wisdom, who is a resource center for Creation Spirituality education, materials, art and music.  Csource is responsible for the online content and video sales for Christ Path Seminars, a powerful three-year series of twelve initiations co-directed by the Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox and Andrew Harvey.  Our first event in Oakland, California, had over 180 online viewers during the 12 hours of streaming provided.  Online members were able to watch live or after the event as the stream was captured online which is helpful for other time zone.  The content can also be provided on other media after the event like DVDs.

Best Practices:

To insure a good viewing experience for the online audience,  we conducted an early practice session with the online audience a week prior to the event.  Normal problems like avoiding poor wireless connections were addressed like you need to plug your computer into the hard-wire internet connection in the route at home or in the office.  MCVP also worked closely with the hosts of the seminar to make sure they were addressing the online audience at various points during the weekend long seminar.

This was not your typical lock-off the camera approach, but a very active hands-on filming to insure the maximum benefit to the online audience.

If you are looking for streaming video services for your next event, retreat or conference, please give us a call at 303-641-7228.




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