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Filmmakers Who Aren’t Afraid To Break New Ground

Filmmakers who aren’t afraid to break new ground

Adobe Premiere Pro was used to edit 21 films that will appear at the Sundance Film Festival this year, up from only 9 in 2014. After pairing up with Adobe After Effects CC, Premiere’s capabilities and ease of use noticeably improved, attracting more and more devoted users.

Case in point:

Gone Girl is the first Hollywood feature-length film cut entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

This final tidbit of news was a welcome surprise to the independent film community.

While our inspirational documentary film, The Unruly Mystic, indie budget pales in comparison to a Hollywood film, Boulder Colorado based Michael Conti Productions decision to use an integrated Adobe workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro at the hub, was a given for this tech-savvy and budget conscious producer, director and editor, Michael M. Conti.

Much of the visual effects work was done in-house, which allowed the team to work iteratively, in parallel with the editing. For example, Michael Conti could edit in Adobe Premiere Pro while others worked on shots in After Effects. The saved compositions would automatically update in Conti’s timeline thanks to Adobe Dynamic Link. This integrated and interactive workflow kept shots looking cleaner and eliminated distracting back-and-forth discussions so the entire team could focus on the story as it took shape in the edit bay. This streamlined workflow was one of the main advantages for “The Unruly Mystic.”

The process of editing this 105 minute movie with Premiere Pro from the ingest of assets (originally shot on a CANON XF100), to individual scene editing (taking advantage of sub-clip and bin folders), to combining the multiple scenes in a single timeline (flatten) will be a subject of another post.

The Sundance Film Festival takes place January 22 – February 1, 2015 in Park City Utah. Check the Sundance Film Festival website for the schedule and theatre listings.

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