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Giving videos a high budgeted look

Here is an example of how we do crowd funding videos.  All videos have a budget that needs to be met,  but it is important that the video reflects the quality and value of what the crowd funding campaign is striving to fund.   Having a cheaply made or in-house video will be a disservice to that high end tech product.
You need to do it right  the first time.  So find a video company that can demonstrates solid production value i.e. giving videos a high budgeted look.  Pay a fair value for those contracted video services.  Don’t except the filmmaker to work for a dime because you are trying to fund your dream.  Figure out a reasonable budget,  then offer the filmmaker an  opportunity to see additional rewards if the crowd funding campaign meets certain metrics.  Ask the filmmaker what they can bring to the table for that “extra” reward. All of which puts everyone on the same foot forward to making something successful.  Everyone looks a winner!


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Michael Conti Productions LLC of Boulder, Colorado, USA has provided a variety of companies with cost-effective solutions in producing  and editing video content for short and long format,  social media videos, crowd funding campaigns on kickstarter and indiegogo, and many other delivery systems.  MCP understands the both the creative and technical process of providing video content and services for his clients.

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