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How to Produce A Cost Effective Impactful Online Video

A Michael Conti Production was recently contracted by BODA Weight Loss Products to shoot two marketing videos which would be presented on their respective websites.  The Client brought both the script and the talent to the early morning shoot, and A Michael Conti Production brought their expertise to the game.  

Instead of the traditional locked off camera shot, the Client wanted a shot that was a bit more dynamic and shared an example from SunPop Studios in which the camera was very active but controlled on the end of a small crane on a sound stage. Unfortunately, this approach would have been problematic due to the outside location and the budget, but taking the same clever principal of movement of the frame around the subject, A Michael Conti Production was able to create a fascimile.  
Within 2 hours, the video was shot and in the can for editing.  By the end of the day, the Client was reviewing the first cut of the edit online, and shortly afterwards, it was ready to be presented online.  Here is the final version: 

While this quick approach might not be appropriate for all Clients, in this case, it was necessary from the presented budget.  Our goal at A Michael Conti Production is to get the work done in the most cost effective and professional manner based upon the Client’s needs.
See the video in its placement on the BODA website.
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