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Fulfilling the Promise – A Celebration of Colorado Community Colleges

A Michael Conti Video Productions provided the keynote kick-off video for A Celebration of Colorado Community Colleges jointly sponsored by the Colorado Community College System & the Colorado Department of Higher Education on October 24, 2011. Key audience members included Dr. Frank Chong, U.S. Department of Education Deputy Secretary for Community Colleges, Dr. Nancy McCallin, President of the Colorado Community College System and Colorado’s Lt. Governor Joe Garcia along with other Colorado Senators and Representatives. Read more about the keynote summit at the following link for CCCS.

Videotaping in the industrial kitchen with Michael Conti Productions

Adjusting lights for the kitchen shoot with Michael Conti and Joe Baran.

The concept was to show the different pathways from students of all ages and demographics.  A child play cooking, to working in a restaurant as a chef; to bandaging a stuffed animal to working as a Vet, and ending with the happy smile of graduates. The four minute video is completely visually driven with a score of Gustav Holst‘s Jupiter from The Planets Suite.   In order to capture these sequences, the team needed to cast both young “students” and their older counterparts.  The entire day consisted of filming these “students” and linking their pathway through a visual element like a chained lock on a closed factory gate to chain holding an engine block in a retraining mechanical course.

Video Production from Boulder Colorado Editor and Director

Director, Michael Conti, prepares for the next shot at Front Range Community College while Joe Baran adjusts the lighting..








Videotaping the graduates

Michael Conti over Joe Baran's shoulder as Erich Toll preps for the next shot in background.

The time between being awarded the job by the Colorado Community  College System, and the shooting the actual video was less than three weeks. It goes to show that with good pre-production planning,  having an experienced team consisting of  Erich Toll (writer/co-producer) and Joe Baran (director of photography), and having enthusiastic client — Can Make Miracles Happen!

Contact Michael Conti Productions of Boulder at 303-641-7228 so that we can fulfill your miracle!  

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