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Video Celebrating “Boulder Chamber 100 Years”

Boulder Chamber of Commerce contracted with A Michael Conti Video Production in the fall of 2004 to produce a narrative video that was shown at their 100th Anniversary Party and Awards Ceremony in the Glenn Miller Ballroom on the University of Colorado Campus. The event took place on February 2, 2005.

A Michael Conti Video Production developed a six minute video based loosely around the character of Forrest Gump, except our character was Boulder Gump. It is through Boulder Gump’s explanation with his other passengers while waiting for a bus, that we learn how many generations his family has been in Boulder, and through that telling, we see the transformations of the city.

The video was shot with two miniDV cameras in a location similar to a bus stop but without the worry of back ground traffic sounds.
Additional graphics were created from historical photos in which the lead actor’s head was superimposed upon a figure in the picture (to represent his own ancestors).



Actors involved were Robert Markle, Jeff Arbough, Katharyn Grant, and C. Troy Fluhr.


Here is the final version of that video.


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