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The Future of Video is Now: Streaming Video Advertising

A Michael Conti Production has been busy shooting internet ads for one of the national online phonebook companies–YELLOWBOOK.

As they say: Who better to describe your business to potential customers than you?

A video ad online is a high impact way to speak to your customers and stand out from traditional online directory ads. Video ads provide you the opportunity to reach out to potential customers who are ready to buy, giving them a chance to see, hear and experience your business before calling or stepping out to make a purchase.

Here are recent spots that A Michael Conti Production shot.  All the videography was done by Michael Conti whereas the editing was completed by Pixel Fish in Torrance, California.

  • La Fogata Mexican Restaurants
  • Keating Pipeworks Inc.
  • Action Plumbing and Heating
  • Go Figure Fitness
  • $79.00 Bulldog Rooter
  • Now Heating & Air
  • Calibre Boat Repair
  • Excaliber Exteriors
  • Nationwide Heating & AC
  • Kevin Taylor’s Restaurants
  • Rocky Mountain Recycling
  • Taylor Moving LLC
  • A Man with A Van Inc
  • Drain Masters Sewer Services
  • Premiere Insurance Group
  • St. Julian Hotel and Spa ** video no longer online.
  • Toy Doctor Inc
  • Westerfield Law Firm
  • Pro Auto Care

Video ROI Is Much Stronger Than Yellow Pages

“A number of years ago we’d spend 1 dollar [on Yellow Pages] and we’d probably get a 4 to 5 dollar return on that.  And then, over the course of the last several years, Yellow Pages, with the advent of internet advertising, has taken a back seat.  And now, if we spend 1 dollar, we probably only get a $1.25 return.  So, the return on investment that you hear about, is just not there like it used to be. Well, we have obviously moved our dollars into internet marketing and the Web site, and for that, we have been seeing 3 to 4 dollars for every 1 dollar.

Now here is the good news: for the last couple of months that we had video up, we have seen a 6 or 7 times return, per month, on what we are spending for the cost of the video versus the amount that is coming in.  Online video is certainly the vanguard here and it is something that the dollars are backing it up, for what you spend and what you getting in return as well.”

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