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SEO Video for Premier Group Insurance

A Michael Conti Video ProductionsA Michael Conti Video Productions of Boulder prides itself on creating cost-effective yet professionally produced videos for their marketing clients. Companies face many challenges  in our new economy and doing a video shouldn’t be one of them. Talk to MCP before you talk to anyone else, and you’ll get a no-obligation quote that you can use to shop around.  Depending upon the project, MCP will beat any reasonable counter bid, and will guarantee their work 100% or your money back.*  Don’t let your next video become a car wreck!

We know how to get the job done in a timely and professional manner while presenting a visual and compelling final product.  And we do it on a surprisingly reasonable budget too. Why?  MCP wants your video to be successful so that you can grow your business.  Isn’t that why you are doing a video in the first place? A successful business means more opportunities for all of us.  As you can see MCP brings a lot more to the table than just a guy with a video camera.

So you might be asking yourself how much something like this costs, so when you have a similar project in mind, give us a call at 303-641-7228 and we will tell you.

The following client’s videos illustrates the trademarks of MCP’s cost-efficiencies, quality of services and film making professionalism:

Michael Conti Productions completed four web commercials for Premier Group Insurance of Denver.  The subject matter of the four videos was:  join as an independent broker, availability of business, home and automobile insurance to new customers. Each video was comprised of one of the company’s principles
speaking to their area of expertise while seated in an office setting. The longer of the four videos involved seven different independent brokers answering off-camera questions on why they chose to work with PGI.

Here are the four videos on the client’s website:

The technical setup was a SONY HDV-Z1U Digital Video Recorder mounted on a tripod along with a three point lighting kit, and wired lav along with a painted backdrop.  A simple setup to control without needing a crew at hand and on the clock.

All the footage was filmed in one day at both the Denver and Greeley offices.  In order to keep a consistent look for the independent broker’s testimonials, MCP  employed the use of a painted backdrop and switched the seating half way through the shoot. This enabled the final video to have a nice fade from the person on the right hand side of the screen to the next person speaking, appearing on the left hand side.  It also reduced any background distraction and made the shoot in Greeley look seamless.  It is also possible to flip the person in post but sometimes this can look strange.

For filming efficiencies, it is important to be prepared with your questions before the person giving the testimonial appears on camera. Better yet, PGI provided the questions to their brokers the day before along with suggestions on what to wear.  Because of that early effort along with fact that someone from the company was actually asking the questions, the actual shooting went very smoothly.  The two other spots were more script intensive and required the on-camera talent to read the script as it was held just to the right of the lens. Obviously, this solution isn’t perfect as the eye-line drops unless the paper “scrolls” up.  Another easier solution is to employ a teleprompter which MCP has provided in the past.

Post production involved providing the client with online access to a rough cut along with a DVD that could be used to create a timing edit list.  This approach was especially important for the broker testimonials as the initial rough footage ran close to 45 minutes, and the final video needed to be under seven minutes in length.  Once the client provided the initial notes, the video was down to 17 minutes, and finalized in a short video editing session.  The product  presentations were more straight forward since they involved a single person, and takes could be combined by adjusting framing from wide to tight with out appearance of a jump cut.

The final videos comprised 12 minutes of material which Premier Group Insurance will highlight on their website as well as promote through social media channels.

Read the mention for Michael Conti Video Productions of Boulder in the Boulder Camera‘s Briefcase in the Business Section for Monday, January 31, 2011.

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