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Storage Markets uses video to showcase market services

Rich Pappas and John Ives of Storage Markets contracted with A Michael Conti Video Production in October 2006 to produce a quarterly vblog that would highlight their predictive market services.

By using a green screen in which the actress could be placed in front of, the costs for shooting on location was greatly reduced. All the background plates were added in post production along with the motion graphics and charts. Katharyn Grant, a Denver-based talent, provided the expertise for the presentation.

A Michael Conti Productions hosted the vblogs on a Flash Server for the best quality presentation, and to insure that there were enough streams for the 1000 plus views that occurred quarterly to their separate hosted site.

Founded in 2006, Storage Markets is at the forefront of providing predictive market services to the technology industry and beyond. Storage Markets is headquartered in Boulder, CO. For more information, please go to

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