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Jil Nesbit & David Cohen’s Wedding in Breckenridge

Jil Nesbit and David Cohen

David Cohen and Jil Nesbit

A Michael Conti Video Production shot and edited the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception party for Jil Nesbit and David Cohen on December 1, 2007 in Breckenridge, Colorado. The final result was made into a DVD which was provided to friends and family of the newly wedded couple.

The bride and groom were looking for solid documentation of their wedding event, and A Michael Conti Video Production shot hours of footage in order to find capture those special moments: from the couple leaving the church for a snowy carriage ride; to last minute bustle and tassel arrangements on the wedding dress before the introduction of the couple at the reception; to children dancing with grandparents late at night. Every wedding has its different moments, but these are the types of precious video moments that brought a smile to Jil and David’s face when reviewing the final video.

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