Video trainings can happen anywhere, and reach anyone around the world.

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Video Trainings

“Sometimes you just need what you need and nothing more.  That’s exactly what Michael brought to us.  We needed to know how to capture short video clips on our flip cameras and then edit them to post on the company Intranet and for other company uses.  Michael took into consideration our skills, needs and output requirements and taught us just what we needed to know.  A very cost-effective solution for our needs.” –Jacque Williams,  Jeppesen

In this 8 hour  intensive workshop at your office using  Adobe® Premiere® Elements 11, learn how to prepare for developing more media-rich content in Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Marketing;  to include but not limited to webcasts/video podcasts, video blog, B-roll for news releases, video for presentations.  Along with these important skills, learn how to shoot, download, edit and post small video clips from digital video flip or video cameras. This workshop is primarily for companies that are using Window’s based computers, and already have Adobe® Premiere® Elements 11 installed on their machines (Trial version has watermark across all assets).

Training’s Provides:

8 hours training (or 2 days x 4 hours) on “best practices for videotaping interviews and product demonstrations,” instructions on downloading clips, editing, and posting for size and delivery.

To learn how to take a 2-3 minute clip with appropriate audio (using mics), download, develop a standard template, put in clip, add intro/outro, superimpose (text and title overlays), clip for content, add audio track and post in most appropriate format.

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Michael Conti has worked as a digital video editor for corporate clients as well as personal projects over the past twenty years, and is excited to be able to offer tutorials and training’s in  Adobe® Premiere® Elements 11 products to clients (trainings also provided for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6).  Michael first started using Adobe® Premiere®  in 1993 when it became available to the PC user in version 1.0.


“Premiere Elements then provides the best of both — seriously sophisticated editing capabilities, with automated assists to do much of the heavy lifting.”

Videomaker, Doug Dixon, October 21, 2010

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