Don't Get Yourself Arrested! Hire a Professional Videographer

Don’t Get Yourself Arrested! Hire a Professional Videographer

Michael Conti Video Productions of  Boulder knows how to get the job done in a timely and professional manner while presenting a visual and compelling final product.  And we do it on a surprisingly reasonable budget too. Why?  MCP wants your video to be successful so that you can grow your business.  Isn’t that why you are doing a video in the first place? A successful business means more opportunities for all of us.  As you can see MCP brings a lot more to the table than just a guy with a video camera.

The following HD video examples represents work done for Denver Attorney V. Iyer who specializes in criminal defense law.  The goal of each video is to pick a topic that Mr. Iyer addresses on-camera, and is compelling to organic searches and pulls the video to the top of the page for that specific key word phrase.  For instance, if someone got a DUI over the holidays, and was doing a search online for an attorney in Denver, the video with this topic in it could drive new clients to Mr. Iyer.   This technique is known as Video SEO (video search engine optimization) and was done initially in partnership with  Key Market Communications.

While a client can choose to do multiple videos in one setting or stagger them monthly, video SEO works best when there are three or more videos online.  Each video consists of Mr. Iyer introducing himself near one of Denver’s many court houses in order to establish his presence to the viewer with his professional domain.   We also shot each opening video from a lower sight-line thus giving Mr. Iyer additional creditability and authority.   Finally each video topic was summarized in Mr. Iyer’s Law Office which helps to establish more professionalism and character.

The production of each video required having a good audio in the field through a wireless microphone.  This microphone  allowed Mr. Iyer the ability to move towards camera while speaking, adding more drama and urgency to his message.  Most of the camera shots were done on a tripod with a focus of keeping the image steady and controlled so that the focus can be on the urgency of the message given by Mr. Iyer.  Since the videos are distributed online, it is important to remember to fill the frame as much as possible with the subject matter, and create a compelling reason to continue to watch.  Several tricks that we use are doing a slow move towards the subject as well as re-framing  for better composition (both of which can be done in post).

The post production stage provided color correction, audio and music mixing along with lower third titles and closing credits that presented the domain site’s URL (which is “read” by Google).

The end result are a series of legal marketing videos which will provide Mr. Iyer with a steady stream of online clients that have been introduced to him by his online videos on topics that have importance to them.  See how the videos look on YouTube.  The videos are also found on the client’s website in the video library.

Disclaimer: These videos are not to be construed as legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established. This is just for informational and educational purposes only.

Because laughter really is the best medicine.

Here is the two part online episodes of very comedic and entertaining Boomer Alley which features the work of Marc Sotkin, the writer of The Golden Girls and Laverne and Shirley. Marc delivers some funny stuff with his real-life experiences. A Michael Conti Production was hired to lens these short and funny videos which are available online at REAL Powered by Humana. It also features the acting talents of Don KrausMichael SotkinMacleish Day.

Part 1 On Work

Part 2 The Job Market

Marc is a really funny good and a great comedy writer to boot.  It was a real pleasure working for him on this video shoot along with my directing partner Alan O’Hashi.

The Future of Video is Now: Streaming Video Advertising

A Michael Conti Production has been busy shooting internet ads for one of the national online phonebook companies–YELLOWBOOK.

As they say: Who better to describe your business to potential customers than you?

A video ad online is a high impact way to speak to your customers and stand out from traditional online directory ads. Video ads provide you the opportunity to reach out to potential customers who are ready to buy, giving them a chance to see, hear and experience your business before calling or stepping out to make a purchase.

Here are recent spots that A Michael Conti Production shot.  All the videography was done by Michael Conti whereas the editing was completed by Pixel Fish in Torrance, California.

  • La Fogata Mexican Restaurants
  • Keating Pipeworks Inc.
  • Action Plumbing and Heating
  • Go Figure Fitness
  • $79.00 Bulldog Rooter
  • Now Heating & Air
  • Calibre Boat Repair
  • Excaliber Exteriors
  • Nationwide Heating & AC
  • Kevin Taylor’s Restaurants
  • Rocky Mountain Recycling
  • Taylor Moving LLC
  • A Man with A Van Inc
  • Drain Masters Sewer Services
  • Premiere Insurance Group
  • St. Julian Hotel and Spa ** video no longer online.
  • Toy Doctor Inc
  • Westerfield Law Firm
  • Pro Auto Care

Video ROI Is Much Stronger Than Yellow Pages

“A number of years ago we’d spend 1 dollar [on Yellow Pages] and we’d probably get a 4 to 5 dollar return on that.  And then, over the course of the last several years, Yellow Pages, with the advent of internet advertising, has taken a back seat.  And now, if we spend 1 dollar, we probably only get a $1.25 return.  So, the return on investment that you hear about, is just not there like it used to be. Well, we have obviously moved our dollars into internet marketing and the Web site, and for that, we have been seeing 3 to 4 dollars for every 1 dollar.

Now here is the good news: for the last couple of months that we had video up, we have seen a 6 or 7 times return, per month, on what we are spending for the cost of the video versus the amount that is coming in.  Online video is certainly the vanguard here and it is something that the dollars are backing it up, for what you spend and what you getting in return as well.”

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