Video for Boulder SBDC has helps small businesses

A Michael Conti Video Production helped produce a Boulder small business video for Boulder Small Business Development Center 15th Anniversary Celebration in 2009 with the following question “How does/has the Boulder SBDC helped your business?”

As most of us already know “Small business is the driver of the American Economy!”  Watch the Boulder small business video see how Boulder SBDC has impacted our local business community!

Here are some of the companies featured in the video:  Scott Roy – Boulder Ice Cream, Benji Reed – Goozmo,  Jessica Smith – Casttoo, LLC,  David Rubin – A Spice of Life, Kathy Rowlen – InDevR,  Omar Postigo-Martell – Well Tranlsated, LLC, Marianne and Todd Ballantine* of Ballantine Environmental Resources, Inc.

How has the Boulder SBDC helped your business? from Michael Conti on Vimeo

Boulder SBDC provides resources to help make your business successful, whether you are established, ready to grow, or just starting up.  Many local businesses and successful start-ups got their feet wet with Boulder SBDC’s numerous courses and programs, designed specifically for the small business owner, are offered every year through the SBDC.  A wide variety of topics are covered, such as learning how to successfully market and sell your product, growth in the high-tech industry, entrepreneurial training, staying on track with a growth program, writing and implementing a business plan, evaluating your business, and customer service.

Many of the small business owners in Boulder are thankful to Sharon King and the professional staff for the work they have done over the years, including yours truly.

*Marianne and Todd Ballantine also helped with the video, producing and scripting/interviewing, respectively.