Boulder video editor empowers movement of Social Emotional Learning

Boulder Video Editor empowers audience with stories

Here is what the happy client had to say to the Boulder video editor.

“I just want to say that I really enjoyed working with you on this video. You did a remarkable job of capturing, selecting and most of all understanding the heart of this story. I was very impressed. And now people know a little more about all the good that is going on in Atlanta–it gives us all hope.”

Gary Dixon, President of Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and Foundation for a Better Life.

Video empowers audience with social emotional learning stories

This video captures a movement occurring across America’s educational landscape. It almost didn’t happen in a timely manner.   Michael Conti Video Productions became contacted by Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  The end-result of the 5 minute video came from 10 hours of video captured of both students, administrators, teachers and parents from the Atlanta Public Schools.  We visited over two shoots into inner city schools there.  Those videos were then transcribed professionally to help with narrowing the video editing process by the Boulder Video Editor, Michael Conti.

The stories in the video were authentically captured in classrooms or wherever there was room for the 2-person crew to set up.  We had natural lighting and practical florescent lighting along with a well-placed mic for the majority of the interviews caught with Canon XF100.  B-roll was captured with a Canon 6D.

Besides color correction and audio sweetening by our support contractors, the magic happened again when we went into Coupe Studios, a local Boulder award-winning recording studio, to do the final mix after receiving an original score by Los Angeles based composer Chris Piorkowski.


The end result is a video that moves people.  Let’s us know otherwise.

Since the Atlanta Public Schools hadn’t yet complied all the data on the metrics of the one year test implementation of SEL into some of their schools.  What we captured on the video became the anecdotal research results.  They were impressed with what they heard and saw!

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Boulder Video Editor


Don’t misrepresent yourself with a poorly produced video!

Like your website, your email marketing and your printed materials, the video that your company produces is representative of your brand. It can take a lot of time to plan, script, shoot and edit a video. Make sure your clips look and sound professional to protect and enhance your brand reputation and show consumers that you care.

Colorado Community College System‘s provost office made sure that their videos were the best for their message by hiring Michael Conti Productions.

hands-on director and cameraman

shooting in the automobile lab at a local community college

filming a doggy patient for a career development video

Going in-house or out-of-house to produce content video?

Video content services

Governor’s Arts Awards Recipient 2013 required the filming of a lot of content video.

Content Video

How many times have we gotten a call to bid out a job, didn’t get the job, and then found out that six months later, the company decided that their in-house effort required more work then they thought and their resulting video never saw the light of day? So much for producing video content that quarter!

Alot!  You need to know the difference between DIY or hiring a professional.  There will be many more opportunities to answer that  question in the coming year based upon the growing interest in producing content videos.

According to eMarketer, Custom Content Council and ContentWise found 52% of North American companies used video for content marketing in 2011.  This is sharply up from 2009 when it accounted for only 37% of North American marketers’ content investment.

In addition, over half (54%) of North American companies planned to invest more in video content in 2012 over last year.

With so many companies using video, your video must at minimum be comparable in terms of content and production values to attract and convert prospects.  Doing it in-house may not be the correct solution for your brand or message.


How Do You Measure the Success of Video Content Marketing?

Simply put, the more engagement (views, shares, comments, etc.) your videos receive, the higher they will rank in search engine results. This data can be easily be analyzed on YouTube in a number of ways.

YouTube tracks the number of views on any given video, the sources of traffic to each video, demographics of a video’s audience, and social shares.

  • View Count
    How many times has your video been viewed across the web? This number accounts for total views for your video, so even if that video content has been embedded on another website, YouTube will still track views on each video.
  • Traffic Source
    How are your videos found? Like Google Analytics, YouTube allows you to view the traffic sources for each video. This is important for determining what works and what doesn’t work to drive traffic.
  • Demographics
    Age, gender and geographic locations of an audience are critical pieces of information to any marketing department. Who is your video content reaching? Do you need to adjust content to reach your target audience?
  • Social Shares
    How many times and across what networks is your video content being shared?

YouTube makes it easy to not only share your video content, but to track its success across the web. Utilizing the analytics tools provided will allow you to fine-tune your video content marketing plan to reach your target audience. Save yourself the time and effort, and ask Michael Conti Productions to help you accomplish your goals.  We are the professionals at getting the job done to your expectations, that is what we do on a day-to-day basis.