With over 28 years of experience, Michael Conti can efficiently obtain the results needed to make an impact with your video for distribution on digital platforms, point-of-sale, cable or television. MCP also provides on-site streaming services, using a variety of third party platforms to support providing non and monetized live content to off-site global audiences, technical direction for multi-cam shoots and line editing, nationally and internationally as well corporate training for video and post production in-house services.

Michael’s video marketing experiences range from being one of the first to market with using budget conscious online videos to drive organic web traffic through SEO Video best practices, to documenting sales presentations into video webinars, to educating and inspiring regional communities through his film making contests which ran for almost ten years.

Besides teaching as an adjunct professor with college level courses in digital video editing and videography, Michael also provides media training for small and large businesses.

His current filming passion has made him into an internationally known filmmaker with the release of his inspirational documentary, The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, and by DVD in Germany, Japan and Spain. The filmed premiered in Germany, and has screened Harvard Divinity School and Emory University. This film is a part of series with the second one in post production.

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