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The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard von Bingen ~ An inspirational documentary of how the filmmaker reaffirms his life’s work when he fell in love with a 12th century Saint.

Saint Hildegard

Poster of The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard

Discover why Saint Hildegard von Bingen is considered to be the patron saint of creativity, and about her continued impact today. This 12th-century abbess became famous as a Christian Mystic and visionary, as well as a musical composer and writer, and whose natural medicine is still practiced in Europe today

People ask me how I came to make a documentary about Saint Hildegard of Bingen. It all started two years ago when I decided to take my first ever pilgrimage to the Rhineland. I took a 10 day retreat which was billed as a Birthing Vision, coinciding with spring equinox in the Rhineland, and the opportunity to immerse into the Light and Greening Power of Hildegard. The result of that retreat was for me the start of a film entitled The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard which is a prescriptive documentary of how I as the filmmaker reaffirms my life’s work when I fell in love with a 12th century Saint.  It is a journey that has now taken me to Germany several more times, and given me to the opportunity to meet artists, writers, musicians, theologians and doctors around the world that have found their life changed by Saint Hildegard.

Included are other insightful interviews with Benedictine Sr. Lydia from the Abbey of St. Hildegard, Germany; Professor Beverly Mayne Kienzle at the Harvard Divinity School; Lynn Maxwell, a world-class mezzo soprano on her one-woman Hildegard show; Doctor Wighard Strelow’s healing work at the Hildegard Center in Allen Bach, Germany; and American Episcopal priest and theologian Matthew Fox.

For me, Saint Hildegard of Bingen evokes a calling, that sweet spot of creativity that we all yearn to play in, which is also spiritual in nature. The film reveals how she is still venerated for her widely recognized impact on today’s theologians, artists, musicians, doctors and educators.

She is indeed the unruly mystic. Her story, invites us all to embrace the connection between God, Nature and Art. This is the story of a powerful muse who invites us to create magic in our own lives by letting the ordinary touch the divine.

It has been an amazing birthing process these past two years when I first took that pilgrimage, and now with the film’s birth, there is another journey about to begin for me in screening and promoting the film’s message.

Available on Amazon:
The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard of Bingen

Experience the Creative Economy Conference and Expo (CIFF 2011)

Wyoming Community Media and Laramie County Community College presented the first Lights, Camera, Action! workshop on May 14th. The Cheyenne International Film Festival edition will be taught by Hollywood screenwriter Rachel Powell with camera and lighting taught by Boulder based video editor and filmmaker Michael Conti and a website seminar by Jeff Fruhwirth.  Buy your ticket here!

Watch the KGWN News Channel 5 package by reporter Kyle Markley.

Telling A Story Through Film
Posted: May 14, 2011 9:21 PM Updated: May 14, 2011 10:52 PM
By Jade Cunningham – email

By: Kyle Markley
KGWN News Channel 5
Using video to tell a story can be done in a variety of ways.

It can be used to make a commercial, a movie, or possibly a TV show. Alan O’Hashi started doing community based media training back in 2004, and loves sharing his passion with others.
“I live vicariously through other people,” said O’Hashi. “There are folks I know who have been doing this business for quite a number of years, and have shot on film and worked in the business for a long time.”
Saturday’s class was the first of it’s kind that has been taught in Cheyenne. “It was really kind of fun to work with people I would consider non-traditional students. I’ve taught this class before in Laramie and just got back from doing it up in Casper.”
Joseph Goodrich was one of O’Hashi’s students and was looking to make himself more marketable as a professional through this class. “I’m a very experienced photographer,” said Goodrich. “I’m looking to expand my skills and put some more tools in the toolbox and a natural ascension would be to go to video.”
Goodrich learned the right way to tell a story with his work. “I really enjoyed the script writing analysis of it. I found that telling the story from beginning, middle, and end, and thinking the story all the way through is an excellent way to prepare yourself before you get behind the camera.”
Goodrich aspires to shoot a reality TV show, and he found the class to be just what he needed to take that first step. “I think this is an excellent first step. Especially if you have no camera experience because not only do you cover the editing process I described earlier, but we cover lights.”
O’Hashi said he hopes his students have the tools they need to use video to their advantage. “They can pick up a professional camera and do the same type of story telling. Really helping people engage, talk about their differences, talk about what they have in common really in sort of the safe space of video.”

To sign up for classes coming in June, you can visit the Wyoming Community Media Website at wycomedia.comLights, Camera, Action: Create Professional Videos Without Being a Professional

Learn how to operate a video camera, the basics of setting up lights and sound and the fundamentals of screen-writing while working on an actual film production project.

Optional: As part of a grant, earn a small stipend to help cover the cost of your class by serving as a crewmember on a actual community video production project . Details of the dates and times of the community projects will be presented at the end of your workshop.

LIFE 1362-21 TH 04:00PM – 10:00PM Hynds Building Downtown Cheyenne
SESSION: 1 $95 06/16/11 Alan O’Hashi and Michael Conti

Additional Class times:

LIFE 1362-22 S 09:00AM – 03:00PM Hynds Building, Downtown Cheyenne
SESSION: 1 $95 06/18/11 Alan O’Hashi and Michael Conti

LIFE 1362-23 TH 04:00PM – 10:00PM Hynds Building, Downtown Cheyenne
SESSION: 1 $95 06/23/11 Alan O’Hashi and Michael Conti

Going Viral for Boulder Film Making Contest

Watch these entertaining videos A Michael Conti Video Production created for The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival Boulder 2010.  Get a glimpse of Anna F. Sawyer, the on-camera “Shoot Out Expert.”  She is great fun to work with and highly creative to boot.  She was the 2010 MC at the Boulder Film Making Contest, aka “The Shootout Boulder”.