Boulder Video Producer Editor Director

Boulder video editor director is a proven professional. Michael Conti Productions LLC with over 28 years of experience, understands both the creative and technical directorial process of providing video content and services for their many clients.  

Ask us about shooting in a studio!

We have insert stages that are audience ready, with ceiling mounted robo-cameras, line editing switchers!

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Ask us about shooting in a studio!

We have several studios that are audience ready, with ceiling mounted robo-cameras, switcher line editing and live stream events!

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Ask us about direction services! We have experience from stylized product shoots, to explainers for technology products.

We shoot consumer products with actors, to complex technology videos.

Ask us about shooting on location!

We have multiple cameras, lighting and gear to support a variety of field shoots!

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We can live stream!

We live stream conferences, meetings and groups nationwide.


Michael Conti Productions LLC helps clients realize audience winning videos through writing, shooting and editing services. Clients have included national businesses, non-profits, creative agencies, educational, worship and local small businesses. With over 28 years of experience, MCP can efficiently obtain the results needed to make an impact with your video for distribution on digital platforms, point-of-sale, cable or television. MCP also provides on-site streaming services, using a variety of third party platforms to support providing non and monetized live content to off-site global audiences, technical direction for multi-cam shoots and line editing, nationally and internationally as well corporate training for video and post production in-house services.

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Michael Conti is a respected Boulder video editor director industry leader who brings together an unique blend of talent of cinematographers, video specialists, storyboard artists, actors, sound designers, composers and craftsmen. The end result is you making an impact with your audience in a cost effective manner with high production value.  We love what we do and sharing our  knowledge and passion with our clients is a natural part of this process.

Boulder video editor director

Check out our video portfolio for our most recent marketing, corporate and creative work.

Technical Specialties: Colorsource Console 20 for stage lighting, BlackMagic ATEM Switcher,  BlackMagic 4K Camera, AJ-PX270 Panasonic Cameras, Mackie 1604VLZ4 16-Channel Compact 4-Bus Mixers.

Ask us about stage rentals too!  We have studios that are audience ready, robo-cameras and setup for streaming live events!