As a director, editor and producer, or consultant, Michael Conti is a proven professional with over 32 years of experience in making training, education and marketing videos. We understand how to properly bring together the creative and technical directorial process of producing video content, live events and digital streaming services in a process that can be fun!  Read some of our testimonials.  Call us to learn what we can do for you today.

At Michael Conti Productions LLC, our clients can consistently rely on our expertise to achieve results in producing high quality videos for training, education, product marketing and live events.  Michael Conti has over 32 years’ experience and possesses extensive knowledge in all aspects of video production, technical direction, online learning modules and digital streaming distribution, helping to tell stories and monetize your content. As a director, editor and producer, or consultant, Michael Conti’s long track record of success, starting in Hollywood, and beyond speaks for itself in his variety of work.

He provides creative guidance for his clients, when working with instructional designers, voice-over artists, and motion graphic animators, bringing excellence to every job he does.

He works collaboratively together as a team which enables him to approach each project with well-earned experience and efficiency to meet deliverables. He can tackle large-scale, complex projects for large government agencies as well as work on smaller projects for the small business owners.

His current filming passion has made him into an internationally known filmmaker with the release of his inspirational documentary, The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard which is now available on all streaming services. The filmed premiered in Germany, and has screened Harvard Divinity School and Emory University. This film is a part of a limited 5-part series with the second one, on nature and spirituality, John Muir, The Unruly Mystic premiering in spring 2018.

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I love what we do and sharing our knowledge and passion with our clients is a natural part of this process and is reflected in what they say below:

Michael, You are such a blessing to us. Besides providing the live streaming, you are a warm, calming, supportive presence. And then you provide us with all those wonderful photographs and images that help us tell the wider world who we are. Your presence is invaluable. Most certainly, we would want to work with you again and again and again.

— Gail Ransom, Chair – Creation Spirituality Communities

Michael! And I am speechless…. First time ever in dozens and dozens of videos I have reviewed for clients to say… Not a single change. You nailed it. Let’s go to press!

— Heather C., Wendy DeRosa’s School of Intuitive Studies

No issues for FHWA. Video looks great!

— Brian Dobling, P.E., PMP, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – Colorado Division

Overall, I was very impressed with the professional quality of Michael’s services…and patience as us ‘novices’ completed our interviews!

— Doug Wise, Deputy Director of Engineering, U.S. Forest Service

Michael, sometimes someone produces a perfect product the first time that just blows my mind away. You just did that. Perfect! Thank you !

— Tom Boyce, Hydrological Resources and Ecological Design Section Manager, CDOT, CDOT

I recently asked Michael to help create a video that was one of the deliverables required for a project I have been working on. I had a tight schedule and only a general idea of what the video should look like. He came up with some great ideas – not just on the production, but on the content as well.

— Robby Layton, FASLA, PLA, CPRP, Design Concepts

Michael Conti has proven himself to be a valuable partner in executing the brand message of Nite Ize, Inc. His work is professional and his dedication to the final product is exceptional. Michael is flexible, communicative and creative in his conceptualization and workflow. He always provides consistent, quality work.

— Brenda Isaac, Director of Marketing / Nite Ize, Inc.

Michael does great work – creative and fun to work with. We’ll contract his services again.

— Bitsy Cohn, Coordinator of Developmental Education at Colorado Community College System

Our team maintains high visibility in the video and creative communities.

Live streaming studio space!

Live streaming studio space!

We have options for live studio space depending upon your requirements.

Ask us about direction services! We have experience from stylized product shoots, to explainers for technology products.

Hands-on with consumer products needing actors; to guidance with educational videos.

Ask us about shooting on location!

We are fully equipped, multiple cameras, lighting and gear to support a variety of field shoots!

We can live stream!

We live stream conferences, meetings and groups nationwide.

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A Michael Conti Video Production can efficiently obtain the results needed to make an impact with your video for distribution on digital platforms, point-of-sale, cable or television. MCP also provides on-site streaming services, using a variety of third party platforms to support providing non and monetized live content to off-site global audiences, technical direction for multi-cam shoots and line editing, nationally and internationally as well corporate training for video and post production in-house services.  The end result is you making an impact with your audience in a cost effective manner with high production value.

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Boulder video editor director Consultant

Check out our video portfolio for our most recent marketing, corporate and creative work.

Technical Specialties: Colorsource Console 20 for stage lighting, BlackMagic ATEM Switcher,  BlackMagic 4K Camera, AJ-PX270 Panasonic Cameras, Mackie 1604VLZ4 16-Channel Compact 4-Bus Mixers.

Ask us about stage rentals too!  We have studios that are audience ready, robo-cameras and setup for streaming live events!